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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The symptoms of evil eye

Assalam oalaikum,
Here are some of the symptoms of evil eye:
Whoever is affected by evil eye falls sick or else may suffer from several diseases, one after another.
He or she gets faces one problem after another.
Shortage of sustenance
Loss in business
Household articles become useless
Loss in any form, whether it is an accident or health trouble.
Children fall sick again and again.
Lack of confidence and a strange fear encompasses the mind.
A happy family falls apart all of a sudden
Relatives give a cold shoulder or else turn into enemies.
There is no peace in life
The environment of the house becomes negative.
Any object that is beautiful may break.
The person becomes weak.

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Anonymous said...

well.... i would really like to know what exactly happens to a person as i feel someone has done this to my family.
jazakallah brothers and sisters may allah protect us all from saytan,jins and evil eye insallah

denise said...

I have thought for a long time that I am the victim of an evil eye cast on me by an evil woman who is jealous and sees me as a threat. I feel bad all the time and just lay on the couch, depressed. She knows by doing this to me I am unable to see the man she wants but he loves me. I have been told she is a practicing witch. Can you help me get rid of this evil eye, spell or whatever it is? I am certain she has cast a spell on this man too because he is doing things he would never do. He is a good man.