Tuesday, February 14, 2012

spiritual cure for children affected by evil eye (nazar utaarna)

Assalam oalaikum
Infants are prone to getting afflicted by evil eye. If this happens then the infants cry incessantly and become irritable. Such infants can be cured in a spiritual way by the parents.
Symptoms of evil eye effect on infants:
They cry a lot
They become irritable
They become stubborn
They become restless
they become weak
they fall sick

The method of curing them spiritually:
Make the child stand straight by giving him support.
Take an egg and make complete rotations around the child starting from head to feet, 7 times.
While making the rotations recite 4 Quls and Surah Fateha 4 times.
Keep the egg at such a place where an eagle, crow or a cat will eat it.
Repeat this procedure till 3 days. Inshallah there will be a miraculous recovery

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amel soname
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4 qul 4 times n surah fatiha 4 times? Plz

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