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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The negative effects of evil eye

Assalam oalaikum,
We know that the sting of the scorpion and the tongue of the snake is poisonous, naturally. The eyes of certain people also become poisonous as a result of their negative energies, i.e. when people indulge in negative emotions such as envy, hatred, bitterness, anger etc. When such people look at things that they envy, the poison from their eyes penetrates into that person or object. This causes harm to their object of envy.
It is a misconception that only a stranger can inflict evil eye on us. We can get affected by evil eye even by our own kith and kin. Moreover, evil eye can affect not only human beings but also animals, house, car, bungalow, business, beauty, crops, orchards or gardens, health, respect, status, children, aged people, treasures, birds, flowers, plants, wealth, property, education, lifestyle etc.
Some people are aware about this menace of evil eye and whenever they have a doubt that they have been affected by evil eye, they immediately get it cured. This immediate and timely action nullifies all the negative effect of evil eye and things become normal once again.
Unfortunately, those who do not believe in this phenomenon suffer as the negativity perpetuates in their aura.
The main motive of my writing this blog is to create awareness about writing this blog evil eye so that everyone can understand this phenomenon and protect oneself from its ill-effects.

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Anonymous said...

As salaam alaykum. I have been fighting the same 3-5 jinns for over 8 years. They attack me sexually, physically, mentally, day and night. I have no peace. They destroyed my marriage and recently separated me from my fiancee and newborn. They attack me during salaat. When i leave my home they attach to my body and cause me pain to make me walk like i am an old man, i am 51 a personal trainer in good shape. They are so jealous, envious hateful and answer to one they call satan, he is a real piece of work. They feed off of negative energy and emotions. They have a plasma charge or static electric feel when you strike them, and i try to strike them often to no avail. I need help removing them. I am in nyc and can find no help. Any one with information to help i will appreciate it