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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to do away with evil eye

Assalam oalaikum
If a person gets afflicted by an envious person’s evil eye then the negative effects should be cured immediately, in order to nip the problem in the bud. If there is negligence on part of the victim then the evil effects will perpetuate and the there will be difficulty in curing the illness. If left untreated the illness brought about due to evil eye may get treated somehow. But it may go after giving a lot of pain to the victim.
Since Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) has granted us the permission of getting oneself spiritually cured to cleanse oneself of the negative effects of evil eye, then we should exactly as he had proposed.
In today’s world people who are educated regard paranormal beliefs, such as evil eye, as mere superstitions. However, evil eye not something baseless, as it has been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Those people who are oblivious about evil eye may end up facing a lot of trouble as a result of their ignorance.
I have mentioned the symptoms of evil eye in post # 4. of this blog
Whoever has been affected by evil eye can remove the ill-effects himself or by taking someone else’s help, in the following way:
Buy a little meat from the butcher.
If one cannot afford to buy meat then ask the butcher to give the leftovers, which are usually free of cost.
Then rotate the meat or leftovers from your head to feet 7 times, in a clock-wise way.
Throw this meat on your terrace from where the eagles and crows will pick up the meat pieces within some time.
Recite Surah Naas and Falaq 300 times after every namaz.
Repeat this amal till 3 days. Inshallah, within 3 days the person will start feeling better.

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Anonymous said...

Salaam brother,

i wanted to ask you a question, im doing the tor for nazar on children by using the egg, but when i do it i get muddled up and my the 4kul and surah fatiha i find difficult to read could you shed some light on why this is happening and also my daughter(3 months) who im doing this for initially used to be very stiff all the time and since shes been better, she does something which is worrying me she looks as if somthing is falling on her and she twitches her eyes and cramps together and them cries as is someone is hurting her, and she keeps ob doing this, i was wondering if you could help me on this matter also.

jazakallah khair

Marco said...

Dear Amel,

I saw your blog after reading off wiki on this subject.

Now, what I am not clear about is say, I am a good guy with no bad intention whatsoever, then lets say my best buddy bought a Ferrari and I got "envious".

OK, it is not that my envy is intentional, OK maybe bit jealousy not envy, then will that be considered that had I casted an "evil eye" on the object?

Now, what I find bit strange is that every nice object, be it a nice bungalow, beautiful lady, handsome men, will naturally attract many "evil eye", with real bad intention or not ...

Then the whole world would be filled with this evil eye shit cos naturally people are jealous or envious over something ... everybody will fall sick, inviting disaster upon disaster ...

Am I understanding the conception of this phenomenon?

And, another thing, if someone has 'magical powers' can he cast an evil eye too, just by looking?

TQ bro for clearing up, if you have the time, God bless.



Anonymous said...

Can I throw the meat where the stray cats will eat it because there are no crows in my area. Also can it be whole green chillies or only red. Your duas are in urdu, yes?

Thank you