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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Evil eye has been mentioned in the Quran

Assalam oalaikum,
Evil eye is a universal phenomenon that can afflict almost any of us. However, there are lots of people who do not believe in it. They feel that only superstitious people believe in it and they consider it as irrational and unscientific.
In this blog I am going to prove the belief of evil eye by citing reference from the holy Quran.

51And verily, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes (through hatred) when they hear the Reminder (the Qur'an), and they say: "Verily, he (Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) is a madman!"

52But it is nothing else than a Reminder to all the 'Alamin (mankind, and jinn).

Surah qalam chaptor no 68 verse no 51,52

This reference proves that evil eye is a fact and it can have negative repercussions on those afflicted by it.

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diya said...


My brother has severe alopecia (hair loss) and we first noticed this when we went to pakistan. I try not to believe in the evil eye but maybe someone there did put the evil eye on him (he was such a cute child!)

his palms are always sweaty and his body is naturally very hot.

Sometimes his hair falls off and sometimes it is fine and comes back completely. but now it has gotten worse and he has lost his eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

can i put the 7 whole red chilis in a plate and rotate them clockwise around his body or do i have to rotate them one chili at a time?

also do i have to rotate the chilies 7 times counter clock wise or just once? please answer me asap.

also do you think this can be the evil eye? since sometimes his hair comes back? please help

Anonymous said...

I have come to know through the website on bad Nazar that there are some Ayats from the Quran to protect oneself.

Could you kindly advise me what I should read . Since I am not too strong in Arabic, Roman Script or large Arabic letters would help.

sendo said...


I have been stuck with same height since age 13. I was growing at an incredible rate even at that age but suddenly stopped and have been stopped ever since. I think relative enemies gave evil on me.

Is there any wazaif or way for me to achieve desired height? Only Allah can provide me this miracle at age 27.

I need Allah's Help. solution.

Please help me here brother.


Anonymous said...

Dear Amel Soname,

I went thorough the website you have written on.

Thanks for doing efforts.

I just want to know about the appropriate way to get rid of nazr-e-bandish

If you can help, I will be thankful to you.

Because it has been known that I am under an evil eye-


abbas said...

Dear Amel Soname,

My name is Abbas and I suffer from frequent evil eye effects. It causes a lot of difficulties and loss for me
financially and physically.
Do you have a cure to ward of evil eye? What is it and how?
Please help. Awaiting reply.....urgent!!