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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The method of burning away the effects of evil eye

Assalam oalaikum,
Another way of getting rid of evil eye effects is by burning it. The Buzurgs can check out themselves whether they have been affected by evil eye or not. As a matter of fact, the hands of a person who has been affected, smell like fish, i.e. a rotten smell emanates from their hands. Some other people get themselves checked by consulting an Amil. In some cases the effect is quite severe and the Amil may tell the victim about this. The remedy that I am about to tell can do away with even the most severe evil eye affects. Severe effect of evil eye gives a jolt to the person. The person may fall sick all of a sudden, without any obvious reason. The people who are aware about these facts, therefore do not waste any time and cure themselves at home.
The symptoms of a severe evil eye effect are as follows:
The body feels hot.
Sudden illness may take over the victim.
Burning sensation in the eyes
Severe headache
A feeling of a panic

Such an intense effect can be burnt away in the following way:
Ask the victim to stand straight
Take 7 whole red chilies.
Rotate the chilies 7 times in a clock-wise direction, starting from the head to feet.
While rotating, recite 4 Quls 4 times each and Surah Fateha 4 times too.
Then rotate the chilies in an anti-clockwise direction, and recite the same prayers.
Keep the 7 chilies on a stove and burn them completely, till 10 minutes or so.
Repeat this amal till 3-4 days. Inshallah the harmful effects will get nullified, however severe they might be.

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